A free hot drink and mince pie on offer at Morrisons this afternoon, for all senior citizens. Take your nan - or your grandkids 🤶

Each Aldi UK store will be giving away up to 30 crates of food on Christmas Eve. Do you know a group or organisation who could use it?

🍴 I just scored a takeout for my family of four for less than £10, including delivery, by stacking a couple of tasty d.e.a.l.s. 🍴 What can I say? I'm not up for cooking. If you are feeling similarly tired and hungry on this long Black Friday, this is what to do. 1⃣ Sign up for Just Eat via Quidco 👉 (new Just Eat customers only). This will get you 30% off for today only: it's a Black Friday deal. 2⃣ When you choose dinner at Just Eat, take advantage of the food site's own Black Friday deal: 15% off when you enter the code MAGIC15 at checkout. 3⃣ Enjoy your cheap-as chips! See: Black Friday is good for something after all. 😘

New: Millennial Railcard for people aged 26-30

💺MASSIVE news: the Young Person's Railcard is set to be extended to the under-30s!💺 A new ‘Millennial Railcard’ for people aged 26-30 will be announced in tomorrow’s Autumn Budget. Further details in the comments. 👇👇👇

Get Lego for Less

LEGO BARGAIN-HUNTERS: 👋👋👋. If you are shopping for Lego this Christmas: there is a flash sale at Toys R' Us. Today only, you can get a 20% discount on all the toys in the store - including all the Lego! Details below 👇.

What To Do With An Old Pound Coin: 5 Ideas - Miss Thrifty

This post is of value (see what I did there?) to anyone who may have old pound coins lurking down the back of the sofa...

😬 If you ❤️ Argos sales, you need to know about this 😬. Argos' 3 for 2 toy sale launched yesterday... but there is something very wrong with these "bargains." Look at the picture and you'll see it. 🤔. Thanks to my blogging pal The Mini Millionaire for spotting this one.

Auction haul! £800 of electricals for £180. But you'll want to learn from my one mistake. 😬😔

Hey, you guys! 😍😍25% off everything at Sainsburys' TU clothing😍😍. The next sale starts TONIGHT at midnight, and runs for a week. They sell online now, if you can't make it to the store: I'm always hanging out for this sale, because I rate TU highest of all the supermarket ranges. I see it with the kids' clothes and pyjamas: they go through the washer on seemingly endless rotations, without shrinking, fading or bobbling too badly. That's my experience, anyway: if you disagree, I'd be interested to hear why. There is also one staple item of women's clothing, sold by TU, that I'd recommend to everyone. Details in the comments 👇

Mirror Money Saving

If you shopped at Aldi this month - and if you follow this page, there is a good chance you have - check your bank statements. Some customers have been charged twice! 😮

OFFICIAL: the cheapest sun cream affords the most protection. Here are a few snaps from my trip to Morrisons at lunchtime. The Morrisons own-brand SPF50 cream is just £3 a bottle. I've also included pictures of the other sun cream brands in stock: Ambre Solaire (£8 a bottle), Nivea (£8 a bottle), Piz Buin (£8 a bottle) and a crazy-expensive brand in security boxes for £24 a bottle, which only has to be applied once in 24 hours (apparently). Look at the UVA star ratings though: I've circled them in red, in the pictures. The own-brand £3 bottle has the full five stars! The Ambre Solaire has three stars and the other brands have four stars. So why why WHY would you splash out more than twice as much on a branded sun cream product with a lower star rating? The cheapy £3 bottle is the best of the lot! I'll explain below why that star rating is important.

I wanted to check out the sun cream aisle, in part because I couldn't find my son's sun cream anywhere this morning. When I dropped him off at school, the teacher said he would have to stay inside at lunchtime today. It's baking here! Poor boy. But I also wanted to see what these prices and star ratings were like because of a couple of posts I have seen doing the rounds on parenting groups. It is claimed that children are burning in the hot weather, despite having expensive SPF50 sun cream on, because the brand's UVA star rating is low.

Now I'm not sure if this adds up, because sunburn is thought to be caused by UVB, not UVA. The British Association of Dermatologists has a very good factsheet on sunscreens (it's here: in which it is set out clearly what SPF, UVA, UVB and star ratings actually mean. In short, there are two types of UV radiation wavelengths: UVB, which causes sunburn and UVA, which causes premature ageing. The SPF number shows the level of protection against UVB. The UVA star rating indicates "the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed by the sunscreen in comparison to UVB, in other words the ratio between the level of protection afforded by the UVA protection and the UVB protection." In other words: a sun cream with a high SPF and a low UVA star rating should still provide good protection against sunburn.

However a sun cream with a high SPF but a low UVA star rating will provide relatively poor protection against skin ageing. So the principle still stands: do yourself and your children a favour. Be on the safe side: buy the cream with the high SPF & the high UVA star rating. It's only £3: THREE POUNDS, PEOPLE! So as well as having lovely skin... you'll also end up with a decent chunk of change in your pocket. 🌞🤑

How to clean silver jewellery with tin foil, salt & warm water...

Make your own cleaning products: here are some quick white vinegar recipes. From 💩 to 💫 while saving you 💷.

Lotty Earns

Have you checked your Nectar card balance recently? And do you check it regularly? Perhaps there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for points going 'missing,' but this post from Lotty is worth a read.

If you (or your friends) live in Manchester and like a bargain, here’s a breakfast of champions. Pay £3 for a coffee & croissant… and get £7 cashback in your hand! I’m LIVE from Barton Arcade in Manchester, with Barclays UK. #ad

Timeline Photos

I recently created a series of 6 videos, with lots of tips & ideas for first-time buyers who are busy saving for a mortgage deposit. You can view all the videos (they are short!) & read the transcripts here: If you know somebody who would appreciate some mortgage-saving tips, please share. I am 100% adamant that, as hard as it is to be a first-time buyer in 2017, IT CAN BE DONE. :)

I’ll tell you how to clean up at the January Sales - Miss Thrifty

My favourite sales secrets, in one place. Now is my favourite time of year to be out shopping, as all the sales hit their final days and the prices are slashed again. Just a case of holding out until payday ;)

Baby Boys All in One Crocodile - Kids Clothes - Boots

The Boots 70% off sale started this morning. People are going crazy for it & I don't really know why - in the post-Christmas haze, I could go quite happily without seeing another body lotion gift pack for a while. If gift sets and celebrity perfumes are your thing, there are lots of offers. HOWEVER the reason I am bringing this sale to your attention is because lots of Boots clothing lines for children & babies have also been marked down by 70%. The quality is good, the clothes are cute and the markdowns mean that you can pick up sock multipacks for £1.50 and sleepsuits like this one (pictured) for £1.80. If you have babies or children to buy for this year, and a few pennies left at the end of your pay packet, now is a good time to stock up on gifts. All Boots sale items listed here:


Looking to save money at university? I've drawn upon my own experiences of being a skint, tightwad student & contributed this post to the Matalan blog: That's totes me in the picture by the way ;)

Recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake - Jem - UK parenting, lifestyle, fitness blog

Remember my £1.44 chocolate orange cake? Jem at Jemjabella was inspired to create a deluxe version, if you are up for treating yourself this weekend. Link below - doesn't it look amazing? I love the icing. (My budget version is here:

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If you were tuned to BBC1's Right On The Money programme at 9.30 this morning, you will have caught me talking about how to find the cheapest and best energy deals. Here I am with presenter Denise Lewis (absolutely stunning) and my fellow blogger Andy, from Be Clever With Your Cash. My new little Thrifty Baby came along too! We filmed at the Corn Exchange in Leeds.

Thrifty Recipe of the Week: £1.44 Chocolate Orange Cake - Miss Thrifty

If you are trying to save money AND you like delicious chocolate cake, this recipe is for you. You're welcome.

My tips for selling at a car boot sale - Miss Thrifty

Top tips for newbie car boot sellers. This post is a couple of years old, but always gets a sudden wodge of traffic at this time of year. DON'T FORGET YOUR CARRIER BAGS!

Broad Bean Pesto - Thrifty Recipe - Miss Thrifty

Thrifty recipe of the week: Broad Bean Pesto. You can make this with fresh or frozen broad beans. Heap it on toast, serve it on pasta - it doesn't last long in this house.

Ice cube trays: how do you use yours? - Miss Thrifty

Here's an easy way to reduce food waste AND make your life easier. :)

How To Save Money On Diamond Engagement Rings - Miss Thrifty

Engagement rings can cost £££, but did you know that now is the time of year to get best value for money? I've rounded up my 10 top tips for engagement ring-shopping here:

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Recent research from Standard Life found that just 26% of us regularly put time aside to review our finances. These are the habits I have developed to keep everything in check. It’s like a financial admin diet – except that you are putting pounds on, instead of losing them.

50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash

This is what I'm reading now. Download it for FREE - today only.

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Reminder: Pampers Wonder Week ends today! You can view all the supermarkets' discounts & deals here:

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If you know any new parents, here is something for them: details of all the UK retailers' deals & discounts for Pampers Wonder Week, which begins today & runs until 6 April.

Emerges, blinking, into the sunlight… - Miss Thrifty

I'm back on the blog! :)

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Want to #savesmarter? Here's your starting point: find out which savings superhero you are, with this free online Financial Personality Test from @AvivaUK - #sp

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20% off all online orders at M&S until midnight: Excludes sale - but sale includes muchos cashmere. Decisions ;)

Handmade gift bag : Cheap and easy Christmas crafts

When Tesco Living challenged me to come up a twist on a festive craft idea (, I made a little gift bag from an old T-shirt sleeve. Images and full instructions here.

Easy Christmas craft idea : Upcycle knitwear

Tesco Living published a series of posts called ‘25 Days of Handmade Christmas.’ Then the nice people at Tesco Living challenged me to come up a twist on this festive craft idea: Where to start…?

Creative Ways To Make Money Without Leaving Your House

I enjoyed writing this piece for Marie Claire. Time to get blogging again, methinks. ;)

Savoo Smartest Shopper Competition is back - win £10,000 - Miss Thrifty

Fancy turning this sleepy Sunday afternoon into a money-spinner? Here are my tips for everyone entering the Smartest Shopper Competition 2014. 1st prize: £10,000.

Grand Designs Live 2014: get your FREE tickets here - Miss Thrifty

FREE tickets to Grand Designs Live (regular cost: £19 per person). Some lovely emails this evening from readers who have snapped up this offer. :)

Peach Iced Tea Recipe: cheap & delicious - Miss Thrifty

A budget recipe to scoop up the last of the summer. Chop chop: glug it down before we're all in woollies again!

Upcycle a dress: from cotton frock to tea dress - Miss Thrifty

How I upcycled a frumpy cotton frock into a 1940s-style tea dress, with help from my mum.

All change

Latest post features one of my freebies from the water company :)

Slow Cooker on Holiday: Four Camping Recipes - Miss Thrifty

You should take your slow cooker away camping with you. Really, you should! Here are my four favourite recipes for a campsite slow cooker, all cheap and simple, from porridge to mulled wine.

Four Tips for Glamping on a Budget

If you want to try out glamping, give these money-saving tips a go:

Have you seen this new way to save money on train tickets?

A splendid new website to split-ticket your rail journeys (& save serious cash):

Water, water-saving freebies everywhere

This post includes links to the freebies currently offered by every water company. Select your region/water provider, and find out the free goodies to which you are entitled...

GIVEAWAY: win £100 in John Lewis vouchers

Fancy a giveaway? £100 John Lewis vouchers on offer to one lucky reader. Who doesn't want a spending spree in John Lewis?

Lego, guitar lessons & tractor rides: 3 freebies for kids

There is NO EXCUSE for a child on your watch to be bored this week. Take advantage of these freebies.

My Baby Gender Reveal Cake

About to go on LBC Radio to talk about my baby gender reveal cake, after they saw this post:

The Photo Boutique